The Weapon For Wifezillas

Posted on November 24, 2018

Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico’s “Wifezilla” moments have taken over the Internet. Thanks to her “bullied” husband, Nico, we all get to see an unfiltered side of Solenn and her different moods. Yes, it is fun to watch. But knowing that this superwoman is juggling multiple roles while dealing with her husband’s pranks — she definitely deserves a pass for her sudden outbursts.

Just like Solenn, you have to power through each day. You face multiple To-Do Lists, beat deadlines, manage personal and professional demands, and even wear more than three hats all at once. By the time you get home, you’re low on energy and patience—too tired to finish chores or even appreciate your favorite Teleserye. Understandably, even little things like a joke or a wrong comment can sometimes bring out the “wifezilla” in you. Uh-oh! Sound familiar?

If it’s a yes, then it may be time to get your inner “wifezilla” back under control. Get a much-needed energy boost with Solenn’s Oats My Patties. It’s a good source of protein. Plus, Solenn guarantees that it’s not just healthy but it tastes really good too!


Once you’ve tried this dish, check out Solenn’s other Super Grain Quaker recipes at You’ll get more anti-zilla tips and you might even score one of her #SosGiveaways!