Be #QUAKERSTRONG like the Legaspi Family

Posted on October 13, 2020

Zoren, Carmina, and their twins Mavy and Cassy are what many consider to be #FamilyGoals, admired for their close bond both on and off camera.

Naturally, staying healthy is top priority for the Legaspis. And at a time when having a strong immune system is more important than ever, the Legaspi family couldn’t be more excited to be the face of Quaker Oats’ latest campaign on immunity.

Oats are a natural source of iron, which helps the body generate enough white blood cells to fight against infection. Aside from iron, oats contain many other vitamins and minerals

necessary for maintaining good health, such as zinc, protein, and fiber.

Read on to learn about how the Legaspis stay healthy, why they enjoy Quaker Oats, and when—or in Cassy’s case, how often—they have it.

How do you take care of yourselves?

CARMINA: We try our best to eat healthy, to eat right. And then, of course, we exercise a lot, we drink lots of water, and then take vitamins.

What do you love about Quaker Oats?

CASSY: I’m a true oatmeal lover. I eat it whether it’s breakfast, lunch, merienda…actually even dinner.

MAVY: Dinner and…?

CASSY AND MAVY: Midnight snack!

CASSY: I love it because you can do a lot of things with it. Pwede ‘yung overnight oats, you can put fruits, you can eat the Flavored Oats, just plain—anything! It’s really up to you. And I also love how it’s a good source of iron for immunity.

MAVY: And boosting your immunity is so important nowadays, especially with the pandemic.

ZOREN: Because of cycling, I need a quick breakfast. Dati kasi gumigising ako nang 4 AM to cook breakfast. It would take so long and I’d always be late sa mga meet-up namin. Then I discovered the Quaker Instant Oats. Napakadali. Sa sobrang dali, ako na ‘yung pinaka-maaga sa mga meet-up namin. Plus, cycling is a long endurance sport. Quaker Oats makes you feel full throughout the day. And you have energy.

CARMINA: So it’s not only healthy, but it’s also filling. It has lots of nutrients.

What are some healthy habits you’d like to share?

CARMINA: Drink lots of water and try to get 8-10 hours of sleep.

CASSY: One healthy habit I can share is eating a filling but also nutritious breakfast. It’s a good way to start your day right.

MAVY: Don’t eat less, just eat right. Eat Quaker Oats!

Check out the new Quaker ad featuring the Legaspis: