Beat Your Zilla With Super Grain Recipes By Solenn

Posted on October 18, 2018

Have you ever gotten stuck in traffic and instantly transformed into a raging road monster? Or have you given in to your unhealthy cravings and gone full-on Bingezilla?

Yes, we all have triggers that unleash our inner “zilla.” Filipina-French celebrity Solenn Heussaff is no different. Her husband Nico Bolzico playfully calls her “Wifezilla” whenever she’s in a sluggish mood.

That’s why Solenn has been experimenting on ways to prevent her zilla sides from wreaking havoc. One of her go-to solutions is adding oats to her diet. Each serving of Super Grain Quaker is packed with Fiber, Protein, and Beta-Glucan, making it the perfect delicious weapon!

Quaker Oats Philippines has teamed up with Solenn to create fresh ways to enjoy oats and spread anti-zilla tips. Solenn will be sharing her own Super Grain Quaker recipes and #SosGiveaways on her blog, Exciting, right?

To start, Solenn will reveal her secret technique whenever she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. CLUE: It’s a delicious mood booster that keeps you full all morning!


Be sure to catch all Quaker Recipes By Solenn and learn how to tame your own zilla.