Breaking Bland: How to Start Your Day Delicious

Posted on May 24, 2019

We all wish mornings are like movie scenes: where the sun shines, the birds chirp and everything is set for a perfect day. In reality, it’s a boring routine played over and over again: Wake up, commute, work. Wake up, commute, work. Repeat 5 times every week. But while most mornings are bland and monotonous, you can now start your day delicious with a flavorful Quaker breakfast.

The morning plot twist you need? Quaker Flavored Oats. It’s so easy to prepare, all you need to do is add hot water and stir to start your day delicious. Plus, there are different flavors to try every day: fruity Quaker Banana & Honey, luscious Quaker Chocolate, plus other sweet and savory choices. And, do we even have to mention how healthy it is for you? Quaker’s Super Grain doesn’t just have fiber to keep you full longer, it also has beta-glucan for a stronger heart. It’s even packed with protein to help you power through your day. And the best part? Your nourishing and delicious Quaker Flavored Oats breakfast starts at just 10 pesos!

Don’t give in to monotonous mornings. Grab a pack of Quaker Flavored Oats to have a delicious start to your day! Get them on Shopee now: