Oats is a natural source of iron

Oats is known as a supergrain because of its many benefits. It is a natural source of many vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help maintain good health. One important nutrient is iron, which is necessary for maintaining your immune system.

Iron helps your body create more white blood cells that help you fight against diseases that enter your body. These cells are like the front-liners of your immune system.

Aside from iron, oats is also a natural source of zinc, protein, fiber, selenium, thiamin (Vitamin B1) and folate, meaning you can get these nutrients from oats without the need of consuming any supplements or enhancements.

Iron is an essential nutrient

Iron deficiency can make you prone to diseases.

Iron is an essential nutrient and has multiple functions in the body. Its deficiency is often associated with anemia and the sub-optimal production of red blood cells. But a lesser known fact is just how important iron is in building immunity.

A deficiency in iron can make the body more prone to diseases. That’s why it is good to consume the daily recommended dietary intake of iron in our everyday diet. This level of iron allows the body to generate and send out enough white blood cells to fight against infection. A healthy body not only helps us but also those most important to us, our family.

Start every day with Quaker Oats

With a bowl of Quaker Oats for breakfast, you can be sure to start your day with iron. It’s the first meal of the day so it’s the perfect opportunity to get ready for the activities of the day. Quaker Oats is easy to prepare and makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. There are many ways to cook up Quaker Oats for the family to enjoy. There’s the classic “just-add-milk” approach. Adding fruits and nuts is a favorite of many. Quaker Oats can also be baked into treats. There are lots of lip-smacking savory recipes you can try like Oats with Sardines, Oats Chow Fan and more.

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