Oat Burrito Bowl


8 tbsp “TexMex Oats”(2 min)
½ cup “Mexican Beef”(2 min)
¼ cup ready to eat salsa or DIY Salsa(3 min)
¼ cup red kidney beans (cooked or canned)
1 tbsp carabao yogurt or sour cream


1 Prepare TexMex Oats. Set aside.
2 Prepare Mexican Beef. Set aside.
3 If not using store bought salsa, prepare the DIY salsa recipe above.
4 Assemble burrito bowl. Spread TexMex Oats evenly in a bowl.
5 Arrange toppings. Fill 1/3 with meat, then another third with salsa and beans.
6 Top with yogurt or sour cream. Serve.